Arjan Habraken is structural designer and founder of SIDstudio. He has studied civil engineering at the Delft University of Technology and graduated at the Department of Mechanics & Constructions in 1996 with an honorable mention from the Dutch Concrete Association.

During his career he worked on many high-level, international projects. He is an experienced project manager and design leader, not only in concrete and steel structures, but also in glass, cable and membrane structures. He has extensive leadership experience from his function at Arup bv. as a group leader of the structural department and its participation in the office management team.

His interest in architecture and lightweight structures was a prominent motivation to launch SIDstudio. His focus lies at design work and the cooperation with architects, resulting in extensive structural and architectural integration. This to raise the level of structural form-finding to support the aesthetics and the function of the project.

His position as Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Build Environment at the Technical University in Eindhoven supports this vision and strengthens the relationship between practice, new developments and research. At this University he also completed a second Master's degree in lightweight structures and is currently doing research on the dynamic flexible behavior and the related design capabilities of lightweight structures.

He was also Assistant-teacher in London at the Architectural Association.

Arjan Habraken - SIDstudio